Vortex Binoculars

Vortex binoculars are a newcomer who focuses on birding binoculars and has quickly create an extensive line of good quality binoculars for enthusiasts.
If you pick up a pair of Vortex binoculars you will get a well engineered tool with which rivals the quality of many competitors. Vortex have concentrated on glass technology and developed the XD low dispersion objective lens for good color reproduction and a fine resolution. They have also developed XR multi layer coating to increase image resolution and improve light transfer through the lens.
They appear very well engineered for rough handling. The design takes care to fix the internal prisms to retain the image quality year after year despite being shaken or dropped. Most binoculars with in the range are fog proof, waterproof and even dust proof.
If you consider how durable these binoculars are you should not be afraid of taking them on your next outing. General outdoor activities can be taken in your stride and scouting, locating campsites and sightseeing from top of a mountain are no problem for the Vortex. Boating activities and the danger of water splash or full submersion are not a worry. The Vortex binoculars range includes items which are completely watertight and nitrogen purged to ensure that the interior lenses are absolutely fog proof.
You will also find that Vortex binoculars are affordable; sub $100 price tags are common across the range ensuring they are within the reach of most consumers. That is not to say that Vortex binoculars are low end, the Razor line of priced from $700 to $800 and specialize in delivering true coloor and in very low light conditions
Check out the online binoculars stores for an across the range price comparison, most sell Vortex binoculars and it is easy to compare prices for the same model although of course you may receive different add-on or additional items within the package. Additional accessories also include a harness strap, custom moulded cases, rain guards and a binocular doubler to increase long distance magnification with the addition of an extra monocular lens. 
Binoculars Buying Tip #1
Binoculars Buying Tip #2
Binoculars Buying Tip #3
Decide what type you need. There are several different types of binoculars and they have considerably different features. Zoom, stabilized and digital to give an example. Decide what type of binoculars you need to meet your needs before you start to look in greater detail.
Decide on your budget Binoculars lens quality has a big impact upon the final price. Before you fine tune your selection make sure you have set a budget for the features and type of Binoculars you need. You will avoid wasted shopping time if you have a budget you are working to. 
Compact or Zoom.The larger the zoom the larger the binoculars tends to be the rule. The larger the lens size the brighter the image. Both these elements increase the size of the binoculars. Before you shop decide on the maximum physical size of binoculars you are happy with. 
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